The Dawn Of Contentment

by Maximum Movement Theatre

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Studio always welcomes and relishes a new project from Maximum Movement Theatre! The Dawn Of Contentment is another musical achievement, an excellent three track ambient album composed and recorded in January of 2018.

As wonderful as his music is, Maximum Movement Theatre is mysterious about the meaning/inspirations behind it. The artist offers us something to be learned from much of his music, if you care to explore. The common thread to this album appears to be the Underworld. So I offer you these bits of information to ponder:

Lethe (LEE-thee). A river in Hades whose waters caused forgetfulness. It was on the banks of another Underworld river called the Styx that the shades, or ghostly remains, of the dead congregated to seek passage to the Afterlife.

Akheron (Acheron) was the god of the underworld river and lake of pain. Charon ferried the souls of the dead across it's dark waters in his skiff.

The Fields of Asphodel (also known as the Asphodel Meadows) are part of the Underworld where indifferent or ordinary souls who lived a life of neither good or evil are sent to live after death.

The three pieces are gentle, immersive, morphing drone soundscapes. More inscrutable than dark. And beautiful in their eeriness.
The collection plays out like a movie score, creating a strong imagery of the workings of the Underworld. Ferries moving silently about the dark rivers, carrying souls forward to their destinations. Sound fx are along for the journey and are used to enhance both the music and imagery, which they do very well. The compositions and finished tracks are meticulously constructed; the sound, tone, volume, and more, all perfectly applied. This is the ambient that will mesmerize you and put you into that lovely dreamy drift.

The best testimonial is the listening. So, please do listen! And enjoy the lovely Dawn Of Contentment. By our ambient artisan Maximum Movement Theatre.

Catalog: ST4632-2018-33


released April 26, 2018

All compositions, music and performances by Maximum Movement Theatre
Cover by Maximum Movement Theatre


all rights reserved



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