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Studio welcomes this wonderful new ambient album from our resident artist Glenn Sogge and his frequent collaborator, Boson Spin. Stasis.

About 2,500 years ago, Heraclitus noted "...you cannot step twice into the same stream." This observation plus his concept of "panta rhei" -- everything flows -- has resonated with thinkers and creators across the ages. But looks are sometimes deceiving or blind. The broad, slow river sits in its valley. The splash and fall from the waterfall makes a prism suspended in air catching the rainbows. The panoply of still stars twists through the night over aeons. A firestorm and crickets both erect walls of unchanging sound that dissolve into furies of small events. This music of this album seeks to explore the stasis we see that isn't and to build stability out of a multitude of changes. It is hoped these explorations of parts of our lives -- both real and imagined -- create a time of pause to reflect on what has been and what is to come. The aim of these pieces is to complement and enhance our all too infrequent moments of reflection.
Glenn Sogge and Boson Spin have created dozens of collaborative works in a variety of ambient, dark ambient, and experimental styles. This is their third album length work together.

Stan Magendanz (aka Boson Spin) from Brisbane, Australia, has been creating ambient, dark ambient & experimental electronic music since 2005. After decades of obsessing over the music of electronic artists such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, Brian Eno, Robert Rich & James Johnson (to name but a few), he decided to give this 'music making thing' a go. Much to his wife's annoyance, Stan now spends a lot of his after work & weekend relaxation time creating music & posting it to his Soundcloud page.

Glenn Sogge recently retired to his childhood home on 6+ acres in the Pacific Northwest after decades of school, work, family, pets, and soccer refereeing in the Chicago area. The sounds of birds, wind, streams, squirrels, chickens, and the occasional coyote define the soundscape he is now immersed in. The woods and nearby mountains both obscure and highlight the horizons every day. Glenn has done collaborations with Cousin Silas, Candy L, Marco Lucchi, Lutz Thuns, Tuonela, grum-pe, and many others in addition to the extensive solo work. A recent activity has been creating the artwork for album covers for himself and others.

Some Rights Reserved: CC-BY-SA-NC


released June 22, 2017

All compositions and music Glenn Sogge & Boson Spin.
Album cover photo and design by Glenn Sogge.

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