Space Projects For The End

by Intersonic Subformation

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Space Awaits 07:58
Dark Matter 09:52
Experiment 04:07
Packet Loss 07:18


Studio welcomes new artist Intersonic Subformation! With an excellent debut concept album, Space Projects For The End.
This seems to be a well thought out album. The production is excellent. The blend of music and sound is well balanced. Richard Lisaj, the artist behind the project, is obviously well versed in the tools of his trade. The overall tone of the album is dark, which is very fitting. And nice. I do like the way the artist has separated the album into two chapters, and takes the time to clarify for us the rhyme and reason behind the music. Most importantly though, the album is excellent listening. The artist notes that follow will explain what is behind the album. Enjoy Space Projects For The End.

Artist Notes:
They know it's coming. The inevitable demise of the Earth. Space agencies prepare the ultimate exit strategy for the selected few. The brightest ones, the wealthiest ones and the important ones. It's not enough time to have everything ready for the ultimate move and colonization of Mars, but there is a plan B. And it's set in the plain sight of everyone. Except no one can see it. Because it's on the dark side of the Moon. 

Part 1 - Space Project At Earth's End

1. Senses vs Machine (6:17)
2. Space Awaits (7:58)
3. Dark Matter (9:52)
4. Experiment (4:07)
5. Unquantifable Amount Of Data (8:40)

Play time: 37 min

Part 2 - Space Project At The Moon's End: Lunar Exploration of The Dark

1. Intergalactic Broadcast (6:19)
2. Trapezoid Entry Point (7:33)
3. Radioactive Waves (9:53)
4. Packet Loss (7:18)
5. Failed Prophecy (4:09)

Play time: 35 min

Recorded and produced between September and November 2016 at: Dubtrak Music Production

Catalog ST4632-2018-40

Tags: dark ambient, abstract, microglitch, noise, field recordings, cinematic, soundtrack


released April 15, 2018

All tracks composed, recorded and mastered by: Richard Lisaj

Field recordings by: Richard Lisaj




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