Sound​(​E​)​scapes 2

by Glenn Sogge and Boson Spin

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Sometimes, you escape to ...
Sometimes, you escape from ...

Sound(E)scapes 2 is a lush and dark dronescape collection from Glenn Sogge, in collaboration with Boson Spin. And a sequel to the first album by Glenn alone. [Sound(E)scapes].*
Both Glenn and Boson Spin are experimental, but masterful, synth artists. Alone, they create inspiring music/sound as music, pieces. When they combine forces, they are totally in creative sync, and inspiring becomes excellent. This album is as good an example of excellent as you can get. Six lovely, descriptive, image conjuring, soundscape/dronescape pieces, from nine, to just under seventeen minutes in length. Sound(E)scapes 2 is both an aural and visual escape. Whether you escape to, or from, go! And enjoy!

Glenn Sogge has recently ventured into quite impressive live performances of his sound sculptures! With great success I would say. Studio hopes he will consider releasing an album of his live recordings, (ideally with video, which would be a rare glimpse into the creative process as it occurs). We can hope.


Some Rights Reserved CC-BY-SA-NC

Studio catalog: ST4632-2018-10


released February 16, 2018

Boson Spin: sounds
Glenn Sogge: sounds, mastering
Cover photograph and design: Glenn Sogge

Glenn Sogge recently retired to his childhood home on 6+ acres in the Pacific Northwest after decades of school, work, family, pets, and soccer refereeing in the Chicago area. Early in his career, he studied with Luciano Berio (music), Tom Willis (music, history, performance), Jack Burnham (art theory), Frederic Rzewski (composition), and Sonia Landy Sheridan (art & technology). He also collaborated on performances with Robert Moran. The sounds of birds, wind, streams, squirrels, chickens, and the occasional coyote define the soundscape he is now immersed in. The woods and nearby mountains both obscure and highlight the horizons every day.
Glenn has done collaborations with Cousin Silas (England), Candy L (USA), Jaime Munarriz (Spain), Boson Spin (Australia), Marco Lucchi (Italy), Lutz Thuns (Germany), Tuonela (Australia), grum-pe (Scotland), and many others in addition to the extensive solo work. A recent activity has been creating the artwork for album covers for himself and others.

Boson Spin is Stan Magendanz, from Brisbane Australia. He has been creating ambient, and experimental electronica since 2006.


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



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