Solivagant Ghosts

by Ars Sonor

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Studio welcomes Ars Sonar, with an amazingly good ghost ambient collection, Solivagant Ghosts. A ten track dark ambient soundtrack for a film which never happened.

Ars Sonor is a one-woman project producing imaginative, texture-based electronic soundscapes since 2011.

About this album:

"...when Ars Sonor was finished, upon taking a stroll down the memory lane I realized that the project never got the proper recognition because the albums never really told any kind of stories people could relate to. Therefore, a decision was made to compile a few albums which tell compelling stories, albums which could serve as an entry point to the legacy of the project. The tracks on this album were produced between 2011 and 2016, and the story behind this album is based partly on a dream I had in 2018, partly on ideas for a film scenario my ex-partner and I were developing during summer 2017. A film director and a screenwriter, the ex wanted to produce a horror film. We both planned to act in the film, and I started working on the soundtrack. Unfortunately, since the relationship abruptly ended in August 2017, the ideas were never developed further than just a general idea. The title and the idea described below is everything that remains of the film which was never made... I couldn't let the idea go, so, in the end, it defined the first instalment in the 'entry point' series..." (Ars Sonor)

A protagonist, a young woman in her mid-20s, decided to visit an old crypt located in a remote village on the other side of the country, in order to see the tomb of her great-grandmother. Upon arrival, she finds out that the village is abandoned, no one lives there anymore and there is a very strong rancid stench emanating from the church area.

She locates the crypt, which is located behind the church. The stench, surprisingly, disappears once she enters the crypt. There are no coffins inside, just a strange looking sarcophagus. She notices that the sarcophagus is marked with the name of her grandmother and the phrase "COME INSIDE". All of a sudden the sarcophagus opens, the dark fog envelopes her and she passes out. Once she awakens, she no longer can feel her body. She sees the apparition of her great-grandmother. A woman of her own age, in a white dress. Her legs are covered in blood, and the blood keeps flowing, slowly filling the tiny space around. She tells her story to the protagonist.

She became pregnant, and nine months after that she was giving birth in a local hospital. Unfortunately, the baby came out stillborn and it looked ghastly: a mere skeleton covered in green slimy ooze, with bleeding black dots instead of eyes, and two sets of sharp teeth, too large for its mouth. All of a sudden the baby jolted and made a horrifying scream. The hospital staff ran away, the electricity went off and she was left in darkness, left to die slowly.

When she finishes telling her story, the protagonist gets drowned in blood and cannot breathe anymore. The last thing she hears before passing out is the great-grandmother whispering "...and then we became solivagant".

The protagonist ends up in a huge hollow cavern lit with light. She sees her great-grandmother and her baby free-floating far away, slowly ascending towards the source of light. And she realizes that she has set them free and she is to take her place in the sarcophagus.

She awakens inside the sarcophagus, being unable to move. Her legs are covered in blood, the bleeding does not stop and she falls into the oblivion, life slowly leaving her body. The sarcophagus closes. The protagonist takes a slow breath, the final time, and passes away.

The partner of the protagonist waits for her at the train station, but... she will not come back ever again. Ever.


released August 31, 2018

Composed and produced by Ars Sonor.
Cover artwork by L. Salmi.

Catalog ST4632-2018-74


all rights reserved



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