by Glenn Sogge

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We are always honored to add a new Glenn Sogge piece to our catalog! Reaktions is Glenns' 8th release on Studio 4632!
Glenn is an excellent composer and musician who enjoys experimenting with sound. And has created some truly interesting and innovative music with this approach.
Reaktions is a great album! A bit soundscape, a bit drone, a bit dark and a bit light. Listen for the subtle, real life sounds that Glenn has expertly incorporated into his work. Especially on Blue, which is an amazing track!
We present you "Reaktions". Glenn Sogge. Enjoy!

Notes from the artist:
"Reaktions" is a collection of experimental ambient pieces, both long and short, exploring a small corner of the sonic world made possible with the Reaktor instrument from Native Instruments. In addition to factory supplied ensembles and effects, tools developed by the active user community are employed. The sonic environment chosen often determines the shape in which the music flows. Genres are not a concern of the composer except as there may be typical elements that can be used, suggested, or manipulated. Traditional musical elements such as tonality, metre, common structures, melody, or even harmony are of concern only as they can fit within a structure that explores and celebrates the primacy of the sounds themselves. In many of the composer's pieces, the tension between tonality and atonality is always a fragile line that is meant to be crossed. As one of the composer's favorite mottos says, "All music is experimental music. It's just that some experiments are more successful than others."


released February 27, 2017

Glenn Sogge: All compositions and music.
Cover: Glenn Sogge
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