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Gwynplaine de Pétroleuse
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Gwynplaine de Pétroleuse Like the score to a dark fairy tale A•mal•gam is very quiet, but full of low drones and chimes that float in and out creating a mesmerizing and enchanting soundscape. Another amazing release from Glenn Sogge. Favorite track: A Small Pile Of Amulets.
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Amalgam....a mixture of different elements; an amalgam of musical form.

Studio welcomes an excellent new Glenn Sogge creative collection! Amalgam. A seven track dark and somewhat mystical ambient album, with two bonus tracks from Boson Spin and Lutz Thuns, both remakes of an album track. Nine tracks total. Seventy five minutes of dark and lovely listening!

The artist describes the technique behind Amalgam in his own words:

"Amalgam is a collection of experimental ambient tracks created under a couple of constraints:

1. Each track used a single multi-instrument
2. Each track was recorded in a single take (tip of the hat to Cousin Silas and his Twang series of albums)

Typically, the amalgamated sounds (hence the album title) were created using 2 or more virtual instruments combined into a single controllable instrument. One keypress would trigger the sounds from the combined instruments which typically had differing attack, sustain, and decay characteristics. Most of the instruments were in Kontakt although a couple of other synthesizers were also used. The only post-processing was a little equalization and level control to normalize the total album experience.
While the album was being mastered, Boson Spin (Stan Magendanz) and Lutz Thuns both created collaborative versions of a couple of the tracks. These are included as bonus tracks."

Please enjoy Amalgam , the latest great from one of Studio's most prolific composers, Glenn Sogge!

Licensed under a Creative Commons license: CC-BY-SA-NC [attribution, sharealike, non-commercial]
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