A Composer's Garden

by Glenn Sogge

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We welcome an excellent and perfectly titled new collection from Glenn Sogge! A Composer's Garden. In 6 parts. Enjoy!
Notes from the artist:

In a wonderful article written for Edge, Brian Eno discusses the idea of composers as gardeners. (www.edge.org/conversation/brian_eno-composers-as-gardeners)

In it, he writes:

"... [E]ssentially the idea there is that one is making a kind of music in the way that one might make a garden. One is carefully constructing seeds, or finding seeds, carefully planting them and then letting them have their life. And that life isn't necessarily exactly what you'd envisaged for them. It's characteristic of the kind of work that I do that I'm really not aware of how the final result is going to look or sound. So in fact, I'm deliberately constructing systems that will put me in the same position as any other member of the audience. I want to be surprised by it as well. And indeed, I often am."

The pieces here are a record of some of the recent gardens I've toiled in. Using the generative tools built for the Reaktor system (particularly Spiral, NOD-E, and Metaphysical Fabrications) and the ability to design sounds by morphing between existing ones, some patches of sound were cultivated, weeded, and hoed here and there as the systems played.

Some Rights Reserved (CC-BY-SA-NC)


released May 26, 2017

All sounds by Glenn Sogge
Cover photograph and design by Glenn Sogge



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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